The accessories offered with VACUFLO Central Vacuum Systems are designed to provide whole-house cleaning convenience while delivering maximum power and performance every time you vacuum. Below you'll find information for product usage.

NOTE: Due to the wide selection of available tools and accessories, the products shown below may be different than the tools you purchased. For complete usage information for your specific accessories, please contact your Local Dealer or refer to the owner's manual.


Powerheads are used for large indoor carpeted areas, are easily maneuvered and their low profile allows you to easily vacuum under large furniture. VACUFLO offers three types of powerheads - electric, battery and air-driven turbine. To use any of the powerheads types, insert the wand into the powerhead neck. When finished, press the wand release pedal located on the neck of the powerhead and lift up to remove the wand.

Bare Floor Brushes

Bare Floor Brushes provide thorough, but gentle cleaning of all hard-surface floors such as wood, tile, vinyl, slate and more. A swivel neck allows for easy maneuverability, front bristle channels help capture dirt inside the brush without being pushed around and a low profile for vacuuming under furnishings. To use, simply insert the wand into the friction-fit neck.

Rug Tool

The Rug Tool uses large air channels to deep clean rugs and mats. Simply insert the wand into the friction fit neck and vacuum.

Dust Mops

With a Dust Mop, vacuum, dust and polish your hard-surface flooring at the same time. The mophead is easily removed and machine washable. To use, insert the wand end into the friction fit neck. 


With CentraMop, vacuum and damp mop at the same time! Front and rear channels separated by a reusable and machine washable microfiber pad suctions away the larger debris while the microfiber pad cleans your flooring. To use, dampen the microfiber pad and squeeze out excess water. Attach the pad to the mop head and insert the wand end into the friction fit neck. If the pad begins to dry before you're done, use a spray bottle to mist the flooring that still needs cleaned

NOTE: make sure to not vacuum large amounts of water as your central vacuum is for dry pick-up only.

Dusting Brushes

Dusting Brushes allow powerful suction, through soft bristles, to gently dust and clean woodwork, baseboards, and moldings; light fixtures and lamps; blinds and valances; televisions, monitors and even keyboards! Simply slide the dusting brush on the end of the hose handle or the end of a wand for hard to reach places.

Upholstery Tools

Upholstery Tools offer gentle, yet thorough cleaning for all of your delicate and durable fabrics. To use, slide the upholstery tool onto the hose handle or the end of the wand if a longer reach is needed. Some upholstery tools feature removable bristles, that can be slid on or removed from the bottom opening of the tool.

Crevice Tools

Crevice Tools are perfect for small, hard to reach areas, floor edges, stairs, corners and more. Simply attach the crevice tool by inserting the hose handle or for a longer reach, on the end of a wand. A flexible version is also available for deep, tight to reach areas such as under and between appliances or in the car!