The Chameleon® Adaptable Hose System combines the benefits of a retractable system with the affordability of a standard central vacuum hose. The result is a true hybrid system of hose management and storage!

The Chameleon Adaptable System starts with installing one Chameleon Retractable Valve in the busiest area of your home. Standard central vacuum valves are then installed in other areas of your home. Or if your home already has a central vac, you can use your existing valves. The Chameleon Adaptable System is perfect for both new construction AND existing homes!


Woman Using Chameleon Retractable System
  • Adapts to Your Needs
  • The Chameleon Adaptable System allows you to customize your system to fit both your cleaning needs and your budget.          
  • Easily Upgrade Existing System to Include Retractable Valve
  • Easily upgrade your standard system to include the convenience of a retractable hose valve! 
  • No Separate Hose Storage Needed
  • With one hose working with both retractable valves and standard valves, there is no need to store an additional hose. Once finished, store the hose inside the Chameleon Valve. Out of sight, out of mind!
  • Hoses Available With and Without Hose Socks
  • The Chameleon Valve's patented dual-seal system reduces friction on the hose allowing for a positive user experience with and without hose socks!           
  • Same Great Benefits of Chameleon Retractable System
  • Including patented dual-seal system, built-in 360° swivel hose handle, automatic lock and turn-off at Chameleon Valve, industry-leading five year warranty on the Chameleon Valve, and more!        
  • Valve Doors Available in Several Colors to Complement Any Decor

  Powerhead Compatibility

Chameleon Retractable Hose Systems are compatible with both battery and air-driven turbine powerheads. Both are great choices and depend solely on your preference. Visit our products page for more information on available powerhead options.

  How to Use the Chameleon Adaptable System

Pulling Chameleon Hose From Wall

Chameleon Adaptable Hose in Standard Valve

Chameleon Adaptable Hose System in Use

Remove the hose from the Chameleon Valve and engage the valve seal.
Plug the hose into any of your standard central vacuum valves.
Vacuum. When finished, store the hose back into the Chameleon Valve.

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