Thank you for purchasing a VACUFLO® Central Vacuum System. The products and attachments included with your system are designed to provide whole-housing cleaning convenience, and deliver maximum power and performance every time you vacuum. Here’s a simple explanation of how they can be used.

NOTE: Due to our wide selection of cleaning kits and accessories, the products shown and described may be different than those in your kit. Your particular style and color of products (accessories, tools, wands, hose and handle) may also vary from those pictured.

Powerheads can be turbine-powered or electric. To use either type of powerhead, insert and lock the wand into the hose handle, then insert and secure the wand into the powerhead neck. The powerhead is used for all carpeted areas, and has great maneuverability and a low profile for vacuuming under and around furnishings. Visit H-P Central Vacs on YouTube to view a short how-to video on operating your powerhead.

10" and 12" Bare Floor Brush Tools

Bare floor brushes have natural hair bristles for thorough, but gentle cleaning of all hard-surface floors (wood, tile, vinyl, slate). The front opening in the bristles captures dirt inside the brush – it doesn’t just push dirt and dust around. The floor brushes also offer edge-to-edge cleaning and a swivel neck for easy maneuvering around obstacles. With the wand securely attached to the hose handle, insert the other end tightly into the floor brush attachment and you’re ready to go. Watch a short how-to video here.


14" Bare Floor Brush with Wheels
The double row of bristles prevents scratching. The non-marring wheels offer easier maneuvering of the brush and help extend the life of the brush bristles since the wheels (not the bristles) support the weight of the brush. The floor brush is simply inserted onto the end of the wand.


Rug Tool
This tool has a larger body and a lower profile, for a wider cleaning path that easily fits under furniture. The Rug Tool directs airflow through large air channels (not bristles), for more vacuum power resulting in deeper cleaning of rugs and mats. Insert the wand end tightly into the rug tool for quick cleaning of rugs and low-nap carpets. Watch a short how-to video here.

The RugRat handheld turbine power brush provides powerful vacuum performance and versatile cleaning of upholstery, carpeted stairs, and auto interiors. Typically, the Rug Rat is inserted directly onto the hose handle, but can also be attached to the end of the wand for extended reach in hard-to-clean areas. Watch a short how-to video here.

Dust Mop Tools

Vacuum, while dusting and polishing your hard-surface floor at the same time! The result is a clean, shiny floor. The fluffy Mophead velcros on and off, and is machine washable. The Dust Mop Tool is simply inserted onto the end of the wand. Watch a short how-to video here.


Dusting Brush
Provides powerful suction through soft bristles to gently dust and clean woodwork, baseboards and moldings; light fixtures and lamps; blinds and valances; televisions, monitors and even keyboards. The dusting brush is typically slid onto the hose handle for common dusting tasks, but if a longer reach is needed (for ceiling corners or crown molding), insert the wand into the hose handle and slide the dusting brush onto the wand end.


Upholstery Tool
Gently yet thoroughly cleans all your delicate and durable fabrics - furniture, pillows, comforters, and all types of draperies. The upholstery tool is typically slid onto the hose handle, but if a longer reach is needed, insert the wand into the hose handle and slide the upholstery tool onto the wand end. Some tools may feature removable bristles -slide on the bristles if you need to clean durable upholstery, or remove the bristles for more gentle fabric jobs. Watch a short how-to video here.

Crevice Tool
Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas (between couch cushions or under the refrigerator), floor edges and corners, stairs, vents and car interiors. The crevice tool can be attached to the hose handle or the wand for a longer reach. Watch a short how-to video here.


Accessory Tool Caddy
Conveniently holds all your central vacuum tools for easy access and carrying. Tool caddies vary by cleaning kit, but they all come with either an over-the-shoulder VacPac caddy bag, a wire attachment rack, a vinyl bag caddy or a mesh bag caddy.