VACUFLO offers a wide range of specialty attachments for the specific cleaning jobs in your life. Who doesn't want to avoid bugs at all cost? Or use a convenient tool that turns two tasks into one? Cleaning doesn't have to be boring, who says it can't even be a little fun?

 Dust Mop Floor Attachment
Dust and vacuum hard surfaces at the same time! Vacuums larger debris, while the
machine washable mophead gently dusts and polishes the floor!

 Microfiber Dust Mop Tool 
Clean hard-surface floorings easily and
more thoroughly. The machine washable
microfiber pad traps dust and dirt inside while sucking away larger debris!
Spider Fighter
With over 5' of extended reach great for cleaning ceilings, walls, light fixtures and crown molding.
 CentraMop Floor Attachment
Vacuum & damp mop at the same time! Features a machine washable microfiber pad and it picks up debris whether pushing or pulling!
 Lint and Pet Hair Brush
Easily remove pet hair, lint and fibers from carpets, upholstery, stairs, cars, clothing and more!
The VacPan is a great addition to any central vacuum system. It allows you to sweep up dry messes and spills quickly and easily. Contact your
local dealer for more information.

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