Creating a clean and healthy home for your family is important. Many people take their home's air for granted and assume it is safe, clean and breathable. The problem is, due mostly to today's more efficiently built homes, synthetic building materials and furnishings and chemically formulated household products; indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air!

Most people spend 90% of their time indoors. Poor indoor air quality can affect health, safety and comfort- especially in children and the elderly. With powerful motors and no recirculation of particles back into the living space, VACUFLO central vacuums eliminate 100% of vacuumed dirt, dust and allergens while leaving no "vacuum smell" behind.

Leading organizations are talking about how central vacuum systems improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ):

"Using central vacuum systems that are vented to the outdoors can significantly reduce dust mites, pollens, animal dander and other allergy causing agents." -U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

"Central vacuum systems are among the best indoor air quality investments for your home." -BUILDER Magazine

"Allergy sufferers' symptoms can be improved up to 61% when using a central vacuum system." -University of California Davis School of Medicine

"The healthiest type of vacuum to operate is a central vacuum that is vented outdoors." -The Healthy Home Institute.


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